Silver Spring Maryland Is One Of The Most Unique Places On The Map

Part of the Capital Beltway, Silver Spring, Maryland is a gem. It’s technically a community, not a city, but that fact is part of its uniqueness. There are 13 individual neighborhoods within Silver Spring, and the population continues to reach towards metropolitan status. Silver Spring is very cultured, as evidenced in its attractions, festivals and dining options. As you familiarize yourself more with this area of Montgomery County, take note of these three popular places of interest and two restaurants in Silver Spring MD.

Downtown Silver Spring has much to offer, and the Downtown Silver Spring Market is one of the popular places of interest. Park between Fenton Street and Georgia Avenue, find Ellsworth Drive, and you are at the Downtown Silver Spring Market. This festive farmers market is a Saturday event, so plan accordingly. Reviews mention that you will find plenty of cookies and other baked goods, too. It would be a great time to pick for visiting downtown Silver Spring in general, as there are plenty of other activities in the area as well.

The top attraction or place of interest in Silver Spring is a beautiful place known as Wheaton Regional Park. The park is located off of Shorefield Road, and there are so many things to do there. You can go ice skating, horseback riding, check out the hiking trails and much more. Pine Lake is right there, and you have access to picnic tables, too. You will also spot a carousel, butterfly exhibit and you can ride the train. It is an all-around wonderful place.

Great Shoals Winery is another great place to visit, and it is located on New Hampshire Avenue. You have a variety of ciders and wines to choose from when you visit the tasting room. Picture the rustic setting of Great Shoals Winery, sipping wine with your partner. Picture a day out with the family at Wheaton Regional Park, and how about that Saturday Downtown Silver Spring adventure?

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Now you need to know a couple restaurants to try out. It is unbelievable how many great restaurants are in the area and how diverse they are in regards to cuisines served. You almost can’t go wrong picking any of the restaurants in Silver Spring. One of the popular choices is The Classics, and it is a steakhouse on Colesville Road. Burgers, shrimp, great desserts and more await you if you decide to enjoy a meal at The Classics.

Sergio Ristorante Italiano, also on Colesville Road, is another great spot for a meal. You might just gain a whole new perspective on authentic Italian cuisine after visiting that restaurant. The homemade pastas, pork tenderloin and mouthwatering desserts are enough to make you start speaking the language.

What do you think of Silver Spring MD so far? In my opinion, it is one of the most unique places on the map, all things considered. As a local, you would get a little bit of everything.

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As a visitor, well, you get to enjoy one peaceful and relaxing vacation experience that you will never forget.